Ninon, the queen of pleasure and splendor, rules the world from Ninonia, her secret island where magic and legends embrace under the hot Aegean sun. In the gardens of paradise of Ninonia, covered with a Klimt-like gold dust, the scent of beautiful flowers blows your mind. The mythological magic of Ancient Greece and Rome merges with the tales of Ninon; He's writing his own fairy tale. Ninon, who came to the Aegean shores through the foam of the waves with an oyster shell like Botticelli's Venus, creates the "ultimate fashion jewelry extravaganza" while shaping the fascinating beauty of the Renaissance with Art-Nouveau forms from the sky to the creatures under the sea. And Ninon whispered to the sky: "Miracle of beauty, these divine lights, make me shine!" Ninonia's beauty made the sky jealous... Flowers said, "Which of us is more beautiful than her?" saying... The starfish sang, the turtle glided to the surface. A celebration was held, the magic folk of Ninonia.

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