Aegean Dream

The sunset in the Aegean is unlike any other. The turquoise sea, the rebellious wave. Behind the olive leaves, the treasures of Bodrum greet the opposite coast. Amphoras call out from the deep. Coral is now the color of the sun. Oleanders start to speak on the roadsides.  The song of bougainvilleas falls from the whitewashed walls and mingles with the poetry of my grandmother's geraniums.  The smell of fig leaves emanates from the garden. A cool breeze blows from the sea and whispers to the laurel softly. Tables are set in honor of Dionysus and a toast is proposed for Aphrodite. Fishes jump over the violet waters and the wicked sea urchin wriggles. We all have already fallen in love in the Aegean. Halicarnassus is dignified in all its glory. Blue Voyagers salute the fishermen... As the sound of the turquoise and lapis waves mix together, "O mio babbino caro" from La Divina rings out. While the last lights of the day reflect on the tiger's eyelike rocks, magnificence in Myndos begins. Along the way, opuntias challenge the wild roses and all the buds of the shore... Starfishes greet with seashells and corals, first to Aphrodite and then to Halicarnassus... From somewhere, I can hear Pasha's tunes softly. Is it Fassianos' birds that bring love and peace? "It comes from Ionia to the streets of Izmir..." says Sezen. A star falls over the Aegean, as if winking at all the loves of the past. Tables are set; with the abundance of grapes, lemons and olives. Glasses rise to the past, to the future, to the sun that rises every day; Aegean Dream begins. A dream that never ends.
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