Ninon is the ultimate fashion jewelry extravaganza of Mert Aslan and Ahmet Güneş. Mert is a fashion editor, designer and entrepreneur. Ahmet is a vintage costume jewelry guru. They joined their forces to create Ninon and looking for the Ninonettes around the world. The idea of creating Ninon was born in Paris in 2017. The name of the brand comes from Ninon de l’Enclos, one of Paris’ iconic names, living between 1620-1705, who is known for literature, art and cosmetics. Each Ninon piece is traditionally handcrafted by master Istanbulite artisans.




Ninon’s Icons Collection is named after the iconic people and places, which are the muses of the brand. This collection contains statement pieces made with glamorous Swarovski crystals. In Fall / Winter 2020-21, The Icons Collection is expanding, presenting to you the new pieces: Donna, Kate, Anita, Limelight, Studio ’54, Heracles, Grace and Disco.

Donna is the namesake of ‘70s “Queen of Disco”, ‪Donna Summer‬. The inspiration behind the Kate earrings is the idiosyncratic Kate Moss. The Anita earrings are dedicated to ‘70s it-girl Anita Pallenberg. Limelight, designed for those who wish to always be in the spotlight, is named after the glorious New York nightclub from the ‘80s. Studio ’54 brings the legend back itself. And Disco line absolutely makes every woman star of the night.